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The Prime Movers

Way Station

Stranded on an isle of loneliness
(There's no returning)
Seems that I got lost along the way
(Came as no surprise)
Now I'm waiting here with my feelings deep inside
Can I go home now in style

Stuck inside that station
Stuck inside the way station
(Where everything changes)

Searching in a sea of madness
(I feel uncertain)
I've got to know if time is on my side
(It's running out)
Now I sit and cry in this half-way house
I'll get there somehow

I can't face another moment
(You know it's coming)
There's one thing I've got to know inside
(It's the only way)
Will I still be here when the smoke clears from my mind
God help me

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Writers: (Ramsey, Putman, Lichter)
Universal Music/Bad Basket Music

Copyright © 1983-2017, The Prime Movers. All rights reserved. No content may be reprinted, reproduced electronically or used otherwise without explicit permission.